Creative Kids Learning Centers

Today we highlight our Director of Programs and Parent Communication!

June 18 2021

Today we are thrilled to be highlighting our Director of Programs and Parent Communication; Debbie Back.

Debbie has been dedicated to the Creative Kids organization for over 12 years! Throughout the years, Debbie has implemented her passion for curriculum into all of our programs; her creative ideas are something you will see being utilized in a Creative Kids classroom each and every day.

Debbie truly understands the CK vision and believes in our core values, which is exactly why she is a fantastic leader and role model for our Early Childhood Educators. The time and effort Debbie puts into the organization goes above and beyond. From the valuable workshops she offers our teachers, to the commitment she has had to the families throughout this pandemic; Debbie’s support never waivers.

Debbie has been on the forefront in navigating our organization through the pandemic as she was front-of-the-line communication during a time of the unknown.

Debbie, you are so talented, generous and absolutely wonderful! We are so grateful to have you as one of our fearless leaders at Head Office!