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Today we highlight our amazing Office Manager!

April 19 2021
We are delighted to be highlighting our very talented Office Manager, Carley Babiarz today!
Carley works behind the scenes at Head Office and holds an integral role within the organization. Carley’s nickname at the office is “The Glue” as we truly could not operate without her. Carley’s attention to detail, brilliance, unwavering commitment, sense of humor & loyalty are just a few reasons that make Carley a truly amazing human being. Carley holds so much knowledge that she has brought forward to the company; which has not only been a great support to our management team, but also our CK families.
We are so lucky to have Carley at Creative Kids. We can’t begin to measure the amount of gratitude and appreciation we have for everything she does. Thank you Carley, you are one of a kind!