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The Destruction of the Private Child Care Sector

July 12 2022

Can the National Child Care Program be obtained without ostracizing the Private Child Care Sector? You just have to look at how Alberta has balanced the need for quality, accessible and affordable childcare among non-profits AND private providers to know it can be obtained without disrupting the entire sector. That both parties have a role to play in offering families a service that they need and can afford.

Private child care operators have done the heavy lifting in providing the majority of the care spaces in this province for decades. They are known for the quality of care and Early Education that they have provided all these years, just like Creative Kids has since 1996. And now, private operators, including Creative Kids, are expected to just hand over their life’s work. There has to be a better way!

We are sharing this article by C2C Journal, an online magazine aimed at a Canadian audience of readers interested in quality writing about current political, cultural and economic issues. The article goes into some depth about the upcoming changes to the child care sector, how it affects Private Operators across the country, the changes the Governments are making and the effects all of this will have on families.