Creative Kids Learning Centers

Facility Manager Shout Out

July 08 2021

Our blog today is to highlight the people who run each one of our eight locations.  They are called our Creative Kids Facility Managers and they deserve a round of applause for their dedication, care, long hours, multi-tasking and attention to detail.  We have 8 Facility Managers, 1 at each of our locations and an Assistant Facility Manager at each of our largest centers – Morgan and Chilliwack.

Upon reading the job description of a Facility Manager at Creative Kids, you will note it has over thirty points outlined, but in reality, the list of duties extends so much farther than this. Our Facility Manager’s come to work every day to ‘take care of their houses’; Creative Kids truly is their second home!

With our three core values in mind- Quality, Consistency, and Connection, each of our Facility Manager’s work day in and day out with their families, their staffing teams, all other location managers, and our Head Office team to ensure our children, families, and potential families are taken care of across the board.

One thing is for sure, you will never come across a CK manager that is not dedicated to the field of educating, advocating, and caring for our future citizens.  Facility Manager’s truly do it all to keep our centers running at high speed. To find such a wonderful group of strong, empowered women to be the forefront of our organization and industry; we are forever grateful.

A Manager’s Day is never done, they never stop striving, or caring- their phones stay on long after our doors close for the day, and they are the first ones who show up if something is amiss. Our managers fully submerse themselves into each of the programs they facilitate daily, the behind the scenes administration would surprise you as well.  This is not a job for everyone!  Our managers also undergo a minimum of three after-hours training sessions per month and they do it all with professionalism and grace.

Why do they do it? In our experience the reason being, each of these 10 women take pride in quality care and education for all children.   They all receive immense joy in connecting with the families in our community, and they strive for consistency in the early years of a child’s life.

There is never a dull moment in the day of a Facility Manager.  We want to give them the recognition they deserve and let them know how much we truly appreciate, each and every one of them.  Bravo!