Creative Kids Learning Centers


May 19 2022
At Creative Kids, we do our best to show our Educators often just how much they are valued, we know it is a labour of love and just how passionate and dedicated one has to be in the child care field. We do participate in ECE Appreciation Day once a year, and go above and beyond for our team of Educators. to show them a little love and attention that they typically reserve for the children in their care. This year was no exception. Thank you to the Creative Kids Head Office Team for supplying every CK educator with a potted plant – the tag read: An educator is like a GARDENER, and this gift is so you’ll know, that we surely do APPRECIATE, how you help the children GROW! And an even bigger thank you to all the Facility Managers for supporting the process and creating wonderful displays. And last, but certainly not least, a huge shout out to all of the CK Families for their well wishes and gifts as well – it was truly heart warming to see how much our teachers mean to you and your families. Here’s a few pictures of our special day!