Creative Kids Learning Centers

Changes are Coming

February 23 2022

We have seen glimpses that there were changes coming to the child care industry for about 2 years now.  The format in which we first became aware was on the political platform.  As attentive citizens, we were being told by politicians that their priority was childcare!  “Great!” we thought.  We appreciate the recognition – finally.  But there hasn’t been any clear direction in all that time on how it will all work.  So many questions and no one to answer….and then the Pandemic hit.  You can see from previous blogs how that affected us on many levels of uncertainty.  We did EVERYTHING we could to remain true to our families, to our staff, to the industry and the organization itself, in finding ways to carry on and continue to offer quality child care to over 1000 families in our 8 locations during a Pandemic.  We are proud of what we have accomplished, navigating through this for the most part on our own as politicians continue to make childcare a ‘priority’.  We want accessible and affordable child care too!  We also want to remain as Creative Kids – can we do both??  Time will tell.

We have recently receive a letter (it is attached below), a joint note from Minister of State for Child Care – Katrina Chen and the Minister of Education – Jennifer Whiteside.  As of this April, the child care sector will transition to the Ministry of Education.  We are not sure what it means for us as a private child care operator or for the industry as a whole.  We have to trust that now we will be unified with the K-12 grades and that it will be a positive transition – we just don’t have all the details yet.  

It appears that there are at least some opportunities for us to share our thoughts and processes in an effort to protect the reputable care and early education that Creative Kids has provided to lower mainland communities for the past 25 years.  We can only hope that we are seen and heard and can continue to strive to deliver the quality child care we are known for and include the affordability our families deserve.

Stay tuned for updates!

Letter from Minister Jennifer Whiteside and Minister Katrina Chen