Creative Kids Learning Centers


We offer tailored programs that have been thoughtfully designed for your child’s precious early years.

What is the ratio for each program?

  • PreK: 1:10
  • Extended PreK: 1:8
  • Childcare: 1:8 (Creative Kids strives to run at a ratio of 1:6 when staffing is available)
  • Infant Toddler: 1:4
  • BNA: 1:12

Do you accept Affordable Child Care Benefit (Subsidy)?

Yes, however it is the family’s responsibility to apply to the Affordable Child Care Benefit Program and maintain their application status.

Are you a part of the Government Fee Reduction Initiative?

Yes. As the organization needs to apply for this program annually, we can only guarantee the reduction to the specified date each year. Reductions currently available:
  • Infant & Toddler: $45/day
  • Full Day Childcare & Extended PreK: $27.25/day
  • BNA (Kindergarten Only): $16/day for Before and After Care; $8/day for Before Only Care or After Only Care
  • PreK: No Government Fee Reduction Initiative is available

How much outside time is provided daily?

It is mandated by Fraser Health Licensing that we must go outside as a part of our daily curriculum for a minimum of 1 hour per day. We will go outside rain or shine due to this regulation and for the benefit of the children’s well-being with the exception of inclement weather. We follow Environment Canada guidelines to determine inclement weather.

Do you allow screen time?

Creative Kids follows Fraser Health Licensing regulations regarding screen time including electronic usage to a maximum of 30 minutes per day. Our Organization chooses to limit these activities to once/twice per month based on the program calendar.

Do you provide meal service?

Due to increasing allergies and food intolerances Creative Kids does not provide meal service at this time. We do provide Homo Milk to our Infant & Toddler Programs. Scheduled mini chef activities will be noted on your program calendar with an approved food safety plan and used as an extension of learning in the classroom.

Can you accommodate my child’s allergies?

All of our locations are nut-free (including tree nuts). We accommodate food intolerances and other allergies. Please make all allergies known at time of registration.

Can I visit your facility?

We welcome you to come and visit the center and meet the teachers, however this must be done through appointment only. The Facility Manager will gladly set up a convenient time to meet with you and show you through the beautiful center of your choice and to answer any questions you may have. Please contact the head office to coordinate communication with the center’s manager.

What is your sick child or illness policy?

If your child falls ill while at the center we will contact you to pick up your child as soon as possible. The child should remain away from care for a minimum of 24 hours depending on the nature of illness. Please see the Pandemic Health Policy Agreement located via the link on our home page for more information.

Do you provide Transport to and from elementary school?

We do provide transport to and from the schools we service. Each location services 1-2 schools in their local community. Some are within walking distance otherwise, Creative Kids provides bus transportation.

Do you run vacation care or camps?

Each year, vacation care camps are determined based on staffing and program needs. Typically we offer 1 week at Spring Break, 1 week at Winter Break and 8 weeks of Summer Camps for school age children only (Completion of Kindergarten to Completion of Grade 4.) Camps are operated at select locations and operate daily from 8am to 5pm. Please reach out for more information regarding our School Age Camps at [email protected]

When can I register?

Our 10-month programs (PreK, Extended PreK & After School Care): Public registration opens as of April 1st annually for the September-June school year. Infant Toddler & Child Care Programs: Registration is ongoing based on availability please contact us for more information.

Is there a registration fee? How much is it?

Our registration fee is charged to hold an available spot with us. For all programs this fee is $100.00 and is non-refundable. Our 10-month programs (PreK, Extended PreK and Before & After School Care): registration fees are charged annually.

Why do we charge a registration fee?

At Creative Kids we charge a fee for every child that registers with us in order to secure placement and cover the additional administrative duties required in accepting registration. We charge this fee once for Childcare and Infant/ Toddler programs and annually for our 10 month programs. (Before & After School Care, Extended PreK & PreK).

Do you provide Pro-D Day care?

For full-time Before & After School Care we provide Pro-D Day or Non-Instructional Day care based on the school district calendar. We cover up to 6 days per school year. A list of applicable days will be issued at the beginning of each school year. Drop-in care options are available. PreK and Extended preK programs will be closed on the above mentioned dates.

What are Creative Kids closure dates?

Creative Kids is closed for all Statutory Holidays, Easter Monday, Christmas Eve and Boxing Day.
  • PreK and Extended Prek are closed for 2 weeks at Spring Break, 2 weeks at Winter Break and July and August for Summer.
  • Before and After School Care are closed for 2 weeks at Spring Break, 2 weeks at Winter Break and July and August although vacation camps may be offered during these breaks.
  • In addition, Creative Kids is closed for 1 Friday each year for an organization wide professional development day for our employees. This date is set at the beginning of each calendar year based and communicated to all families with a minimum of 6 months notice.

Is there a reduction of fees if my child is sick, for holidays, or vacation?

There is no refund or credit based on sick days, weather closures, vacations or statutory holidays. Fees are based on available care days throughout the year and then averaged out to be a standard monthly fee.

Can my child start half way through a month?

Yes. If a mid-month start date is available for your child you will be prorated for the days in care used for the month.

How are fees charged?

Monthly fees are charged on the 1st of the month by Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD Agreement).

What ages does Creative Kids service?

We provide care for Newborn’s to the completion of Grade 4.

What is your withdrawal policy?

Creative Kids requires one-calendar month’s notice for all withdrawals and reductions in care without penalty. For 10-month programs (PreK, Extended PreK and Before & After School Care), withdrawals are not accepted after February 28th due to difficulty in filling spaces so late in the school year.

How long can I expect to be on the waitlist?

Available spaces are unpredictable and therefore a set period of wait time can not be answered. It will depend on withdrawals and program availability. When a spot becomes available you will be contacted directly and given further instruction on how to register. There is no fee to be placed on the waitlist.

Are your programs inclusive?

Yes, Creative Kids works directly with Supported Child development in each of the communities we service.

Do the children go off the premises or on field trips?

We often go on off site field trips for the School Age Pro-D Days as well as occasional field trips for our Prek, Extended PreK and Child Care classes for further education and entertainment purposes. We us Creative Kids buses and certified drivers for any outing. All field trips are communicated ahead of time.

Can I register for PreK and full-day Child Care?

Our full day Child Care program offers the same PreK experience, programming and curriculum into their daily schedule so there is no need to secure placement in both programs.

What are the staff requirements to work in your centres?

All Creative Kids employees have the appropriate documentation associated with working in their specific programs (Such as ECE, ECE-IT, RA) in accordance to Fraser Health Licensing regulations. In addition, all employees must have their first aid certification and a clean criminal record check. Creative Kids provides additional professional development and training for our employees to keep them up to date on certifications and up to date on industry standards.

Do you provide before and after care for the PreK and Extended PreK program?

Our PreK program is licensed from 9am to 1pm and the Extended PreK is licensed from 9am to 2pm. Either program shares the classroom with the Before and After School Care program that operates from 7am-8:30am and 2:30pm to 6pm. We are unable to mix the age groups and cannot operate both programs in the space at the same time therefore we are unable to accommodate before and after care for the PreK or Extended PreK children.